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Create a dbschema file for DB Project reference

Scenario:  When using a VSTS 2008 or VSTS2010 database project, stored procedures and views that reference system items or items in other databases throw warnings or invalid reference errors.

Solution:  Add a database reference to your project, the hardest part, getting the .dbschema file.


To get the schema file, from the Command prompt

Navigate to the Deploy folder under your visual studio installation.

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VSTSDB\Deploy

Run the following comand replacing servername and  DBName as appropriate.

vsdbcmd /a:import /cs:"Server=servername;Database=DBName;Trusted_Connection=yes; " /dsp:SQL /ModelFile:"DBName.dbschema"

Once you have the file, copy it to a location you want to reference and use the wizard in VSTS to add the database reference.  For large shops or databases that are shared across multiple projects, a dbschema library on a file share everyone could get to might be appropriate.