Hi!  Thanks for coming!  I’m very glad to see you, well for you to see my words anyway J.  Please feel free to grab a Coke (That’s southern for your favorite beverage btw) and enjoy the blog.

There actually is a reason behind it even if it’s a bit convoluted.  I noticed many years ago, that there were certain bits of SQL Code that were very handy.  But because I didn’t use them often, every time I wanted to I had to go look them up or Google for the website I had seen the code.  What I ended up doing is about the third time I’ve looked for something I give up and print it and starts a big loose leaf binder of all the little snippets and bits of syntax I found.  Well years later, the books big, and now it’s a chore to search though it as well, soooo why not take it to the next technology… I intend to add all the little snippets I find useful here, so that when I need it again in 6 months I can find it.  If this helps you too, then all the better.  Please feel free to use the snippets, and show them to others, I will try to make sure and give credit to the people who wrote the parts I’ve read by linking back to the original posts, or articles.

As for me, my name is Ches Weldishofer, I am currently a Sr. SQL Engineer  (read Data Architect/SSIS/t-SQL Guru Type) for Clear Channel Communications.  The other contributors here are either people I work with or other professionals in the industry, as they become regular contributors, I’ll let them tell you about themselves.  I would love to have your comments on the code here, and will be happy to help you with any questions I can answer, so please post.  Every comment/post will be moderated so that you don’t have to sort through non-helpful flaming and spam.


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