What does this mean?!? DTSRun /~Z0x858D6D7A6A3E……..

Scenario: Going into legacy SQL 2000 systems to document or maintain jobs and DTS Packages, many times the command used to run a DTS Package is done encrypted like “DTSRun /~Z0x858D6D7A6A3E0E823BC268…”. A very long completely unreadable command.

Solution: To decode that command do the following…

1. Copy the DTSRUN line (everything including the DTSRUN)
2. Open a Windows Command Line window
3. Paste the DTSRUN line into the CMD window.
4. To the end of the line, add /!X /!C
/!X = do not execute /!C = copy results onto Windows Clipboard
5. Run the command
6. Open Notepad
7. Click Edit>Paste (This will paste the actual command into Notepad and it will show the name of the package.)

Source: Vipul T. Shah – TechNet Blogs


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